Chapter 2: Dem Bills Gotta be Paid . . .

Despite Mindy’s grief, she knew she had to think smart. Piper earned a massive income and there was no way Mindy could afford to keep living in their sweet cottage on only her own pay checks, so she jumped online to search for some housemates (even though she really didn’t want people around her whilst she grieved).


Later that day, a man named Paul moved into her spare bedroom.

Although she had initially been reluctant to house strangers in her grief, Mindy found herself opening up to the Paul about her sadness, and she found him to be an avid listener.


Paul began to routinely comfort Mindy. He thought nothing of it – his friend was in pain, why shouldn’t he hold her?

But Mindy . . . she began to question her sexual orientation. She had loved Piper – and still did. She knew she preferred women . . . why did she get butterflies each time Paul came into the room?

Hugs became caresses, pats on the shoulder became hand-holding, smiles turned into kisses and late-night conversations turned into under-the-covers adventures in Mindy’s bed.

Paul was very reluctant at first; he did not wish to take advantage of Mindy in her grieving period. Mindy was very demanding, however, and he soon found himself unable to resist her advances.

As their relationship blossomed, Paul found himself feeling uneasy about the secret he was keeping from Mindy . . . one that would change everything if she discovered the truth.


Read on in chapter 3! (coming soon)

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