Chapter 3: Mindy Bounces Back . . . too far?

Mindy was ecstatic with her new romance with Paul. She didn’t really love him, she decided, but she was in deep need of his comfort nevertheless.

Screenshot-41Several days after Paul moved in, two brothers also came to live in Mindy’s spare room. Why not? Paul had been sleeping in Mindy’s bed anyway. Knox and Liam Meming were fae who had moved to Pleasantview in search of work.


As times  were still tough, Paul took it upon himself to find a job. That took its toll on Mindy; without Paul there all the time there was nothing for her to do but remember her days with Piper.


As minutes without Paul became hours, those hours became weeks, and Mindy found herself becoming violently ill.

Screenshot-48Without Paul to turn to for care, Knox stepped up to the challenge – and vulnerable and love-starved Mindy began to fall for him that very night.

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The next morning Mindy convinced herself she could keep seeing both men. Why not? No-one would know. Especially not Piper . . .

She walked into the kitchen, craving pickles (funny, she never usually liked them) and what she saw shocked her to the core.


No – it . . . couldn’t be! Paul, a wizard? A sorcerer in her own house! An enchanter in her bed! Argh, the shame!

Paul moved out that same day. He had wanted to tell her, truly, but he was terrified of her reaction – so he should have been. He left town immediately and was never to be seen again.


Read on in chapter 4!

-Claire xD




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