Chapter 4: Misconception?

Screenshot-52It was the very same evening in which Paul moved out that Mindy discovered she was pregnant by him. Oh no! What would Piper think, if she was here? But she wasn’t here, reasoned Mindy, so what was the point?


Screenshot-58Liam had been quietly emptying his bowels when he was rudely interrupted by the ghost of his promiscuous house-mate’s former lover.

She simply stared at him and floated back off into the distance. What a creepy experience! Liam shuddered and left the bathroom as fast as he could.


Screenshot-64 Liam was the first person Mindy told about her pregnancy. He didn’t say much and for that she was grateful.

Screenshot-53That night she returned to bed with Knox. He told her he loved her. Shit. She didn’t say it back. When he looked upset and said he didn’t want to stay if their relationship wasn’t going to move any further, she quickly convinced him she did love him and told him the baby in her womb belonged to him. She literally couldn’t afford for him to leave, the rent was too high.

It wasn’t a really bad lie, she reasoned. Paul had left, he’d never be a decent father. Knox was ecstatic with the news.

Mindy wasn’t. The idea of being committed to someone for life, as she had been with Piper, made her feel sick to the stomach, and so she turned to Knox’s brother Liam for support.

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