Chapter 7: History Repeats Itself

Mindy and Savannah’s friendship continued to blossom. One thing led to another, and Savannah ended up in Mindy’s bed.


Despite it being her first female relationship since Piper, Mindy was in it for the lust and did not take it seriously. How could anyone focus on a relationship anyway, with that brat Jack making so much noise in the house!


It was a dark, cool evening when Mindy went into labour for the second time.


Ellen Rachel Farmer came into the world gracefully and was thrust into the nursery with her brother Jack before she knew it, so her mother could continue her romance with Savannah.



Starving and alone, Jack was left to choke on his own tears as he flailed about weakly in his crib.

Meanwhile, two kids down and due to Savannah’s hefty income (and her son having secured a fulltime job for when he finishes school), Mindy decided the time was right to  bring Savannah into the family officially.


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