Chapter 5: Buried in Deception

Screenshot-68I was at precisely 3.52am on a warm summer night when Mindy’s baby came.


Jack Farmer, unbeknownst to Mindy and Knox, was born a wizard. Knox still believed Jack to be his baby, and the little family was ecstatic.


Liam was the only one, apart from Mindy, who knew the truth about baby Jack. This secret merely brought them closer. Unbeknownst to Knox, the two had begun an intense love affair.



 What happened next was inevitable. As much as Mindy tried to keep her affair a secret, Knox found out – what he walked in on in Mindy’s bedroom that day was undeniable cheating lust.


Knox was heartbroken. How could his love do this to him?


Mindy knew Knox was devastated, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. Damn, the rent! It’s not like he would hang around now.


The two of them, along with Liam, had a serious conversation and brought everything out into the open. Mindy admitted that Jack belonged to Paul. Knox just put his head in his hands; he couldn’t deal with any more pain from this woman. He marched out the door without a backward glance. Stuck between his older brother and his mistress, Liam looked on nervously. Mindy looked at him coldly and walked to her bedroom, so he packed a bag and followed his brother out the door.

ScreenshotMindy was thus left alone with only the infant Jack to comfort her. Ghastly baby, she couldn’t even look at him. Look where Jack had gotten her, two men gone from her life, no one to pay the bills . . . she hadn’t even the first clue how to care for a child!

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