Chapter 6: New Company and a Big Surprise

Screenshot-28 Mother and son, Savannah and Will Palmer, soon moved in with Mindy and Jack. Will was a High School sophomore and Savannah was a preschool teacher – which, as Mindy reasoned, was sure to come in handy.

Screenshot-52Jack was growing bigger, louder and more needing of attention each day. Mindy wanted nothing to do with the child; she’d simply pick him up and place him in his cot when he got too noisy, and slam the door shut.



Will was your typical sullen teenage boy. He kept to himself most of the time. Savannah, on the other hand, was much more bubbly and outgoing.

Screenshot-39It did not take long for Mindy and Savannah to become fast friends. Savannah supported Mindy in raising Jack (or keeping him quiet and out of the way) and grieving for Piper. She comforted Mindy when she found out she was pregnant with her second child, by Liam.



Late one night, whilst running to the bathroom to throw up, Mindy ran into the ghost of her departed lover.

Piper McAllister was as mysterious in death as she was in life. Mindy felt the cool chill of death on her body as Piper embraced her. She warned, in an eerily dark tone, to grow closer to her young son and the baby in her womb or else the household will be granted bad luck, and then floated away, leaving Mindy to wonder whether or not she was really there.


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