Knox Meming

Screenshot-12Knox Meming was born the from the pixie Elfly Meming and the fairy Silk Meming. He is the older brother of Liam Meming. With a fiery, colourful temper (and hair to match!), Knox is the centre of attention in every room he enters.

He moves in to live with Mindy, to help with the rent after her partner dies, along with his brother, Liam. He and Mindy became close when her boyfriend (at the time), Paul, got a job which had him away from home for days on end. They began an intense love affair, which continued after Mindy and Paul broke up.

Mindy made him believe that her son, Jack, was his, however once Knox discovered this was a lie (and found Mindy in bed with his brother), he moved out of Mindy’s house.

Star Sign: Leo

Career: Unemployed


  • hot headed
  • technophobe
  • supernatural fan
  • hopeless romantic
  • unlucky
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