Chapter 8: A Magic but Lonely Child

Mindy was furious when she discovered Jack had Paul’s magic blood.

She left him in his room for hours, not knowing what to do and fuelling Jack’s hatred towards her.


Both Jack and Ellen celebrated birthdays that day – not that Mindy cared. Being a child, however, Jack could no longer be contained in a crib and was free to roam the house and yard.

Mindy  and Savannah were preoccupied with each other, and also their wedding the following night, so Jack and Ellen continued to be ignored. Will, Ellen’s son, was nowhere to be seen as per usual.


They hired a wedding organiser to ensure their perfect day would go exactly as planned, and had the doors on the children’s rooms fitted with locks so they could not escape and embarrass Mindy in front of the guests.



With all of these precautions in place, there was no way Mindy’s white wedding couldn’t be perfect – or was there?

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