Chapter 10: The Honeymoon Phase (with a new man)

Maybe it was the stress of being tied down, or maybe it was the anxiety that came after her respective fights with Knox and Liam on her wedding night, but something drove Mindy Farmer to stray from Savannah the very day after their wedding.

Screenshot-39Charles Dotter was a retired surgeon who drove a Jaguar and lived in an uptown villa on the rich side of town. The two met when their paths crossed on a stroll through the city park.

Screenshot-38Demonstrating  a blatant disregard toward Savannah, Charles’s wife Eliza and the rest of town (who were looking on unabashedly), Mindy and Charles ‘went to town’ in town. Frustrated by the onlookers and eavesdroppers throwing various vegetables at her whilst Charles held her, Mindy invited Charles back to her home.

The two of them spent the afternoon together, looked on by Mindy’s horrified children and step-son.


Yet another failed relationship for Mindy! Now she’s stuck living alone with her two brats. How unfortunate!

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