Chapter 11: Buried Deeper


Several days after Savannah left, Ellen had her birthday. Mindy was glad, deciding the child could probably fend for herself now, as Jack does (especially now he won’t talk to her).


Sad and alone with her two children, it’s no wonder Mindy was devastated when she discovered she was pregnant again. When Ellen and Jack left for school, she set of to visit Charles to tell him the news.


Charles was reluctant to let her inside, as his wife was due home at any moment, but Mindy’s refusal to leave made him relent. His fears did become justified, however, when his wife Eliza came through the front door just in time to hear Mindy scream “I’m having your baby!”

After Eliza stormed out of their house, Charles turned to Mindy and said he couldn’t see her again, and he couldn’t support her baby. Repairing eleven years of marriage was just too important to him.

Mindy shrugged off his apologies and wandered home, alone.


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She sought comfort in her maid, Stephanie, who kindly put down her feather duster to give Mindy a kiss beside the toilet.

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