Chapter 12 -Things get Heated

The day after Charles ended his affair with Mindy, she went into labour whilst Ellen and Jack were at school.

Unfortunately, due to Mindy’s shitty cooking skills, a fire began in her kitchen mid-contraction.

Thanks to the quick thinking of the fireman, Mindy and her (SURPRISE!!) triplets escaped unharmed. Insurance granted the family $247 to cover their loss, so Mindy booked a massage.


Phoenix, Laquisha and Tyrone Farmer were placed into the nursery upon birth and ignored for several days. Mindy struggled with what to do; on her limited (non-existant) income, how was she supposed to raise and support five children? There was only one thing to do, she thought to herself, grimly, and as long as she was never caught, things would turn out alright . . .

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