Chapter 16: An Apple a day . . . keeps Mindy away?

Early that winter, Mindy’s triplets grew from small babies to small people. Mindy was disgusted to learn that Phoenix, Laquisha and Tyrone had inherited their father’s fairy DNA.

Unfortunately, with their newfound toddlership, the triplets’ ability to mass-create noise drove Mindy to a breaking point. So, she moved their cribs outside (#mumgoals).


Phoenix yelps with hunger

When the toddlers’ noise only got worse outside, Mindy placed them in the dungeon.



Although Officer Grumps did not approve of how Mindy was raising her children, he turned a blind eye when she promised him sexual favours.



Despite her children being locked away, Mindy still hated having so many. She hatched a plan to remove one more, not knowing her own life was in danger . . .


Mindy insisted, beyond a cascade of fake tears, to Grumps that the event was a tragic accident. Against his better judgement, he believed her.

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