Chapter 19: Exponential Resistance


Phoenix and Laquisha mourn the death of Grumps

Phoenix and Laquisha, the two remaining triplets, were devastated by the death of Grumps. He was the closest thing to a parent they had ever known. Meanwhile, Norbert joined the ranks of Mindy’s children who would grow up without their father around.



Norbert grows up without his father beside him.

Jack was still furiously practicing his magic skills so he could exterminate his psychotic mother once and for all.


Jack revels in hatred of his mother

‘Enough is enough’, Jack said to himself. As soon as Mindy awoke, he followed her into the kitchen. He pulls out his magic wand, whips a circle of fire out of thin air and attempts to viciously incinerate his mother. Unfortunately, his limited magic skillset means that Mindy escapes with a slight singe.



Will Jack be Mindy’s next victim?

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