Constable Grumps


Constable Grumps, pictured with his son Norbert

Constable Grumps is a police officer assigned with the task of hunting down suspected serial killer, Mindy Farmer. He succeeds, and saves her daughter Laquisha from death by abandonment. Mindy insists to him it’s all a mistake. The two fall deeply in love (well, he does) and are married. He is unaware Mindy marries him for his money. Not long after, Mindy gives birth to their son Norbert.

When Grumps discovers that his new wife is indeed a serial killer, he flees to another town. However, Mindy catches him. Afraid he will run to the authorities, she does the only thing she can think of, and locks him in a makeshift dungeon in the yard until he starves to death.

Star Sign: Libra


  • hopeless romantic
  • supernatural fan
  • unlucky
  • unflirty
  • angler


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