Chapter 22: Potions, Spells & Unfortunate Perils



After a spell went severely wrong, Jack Farmer dropped dead in the Pleasantview park.


Screenshot-84The grim reaper took the last remaining child of Mindy up to the heavens above.

Screenshot-86Jack left behind a devastated Krystal and two young children.


Unlike their father, Arthur and Martha grew up in a loving home with a mother who adored them. Krystal threw herself into raising her twins in the best way she could to make up for them never knowing their dad.



Both Arthur and Martha inherited Jack’s magic blood. In no time, the two began whizzing about on broomsticks rather than bicycles. Krystal, a human, began teaching herself the arts of alchemy in order to give her children the lifestyles she believes they deserve.

For the time being, it was all fun and games – but some powerful and angry magic resides in the twins’ veins. Will they be the kind-hearted magical creatures their mother is raising? Or use their powers for something much more sinister . . .

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