Chapter 23: Something Wicked this way Comes

Early that spring, Arthur and Martha grew from mischievous young warlocks to slightly more mature magical beings.

However, being christened by the creator with ‘evil’ traits, these naughty twins now hold the capacity to wreak true havoc in society.

Arthur’s skills in charms and curses combined with Martha’s prowess in alchemy makes the two an unstoppable force.


Arthur, on the night of his birthday, ran into the ghost of his evil grandmother, Mindy Farmer. Angry about the deaths of all his aunts and uncles, Arthur was quick to make Mindy his arch nemesis.

“Such a pity this fugly bitch is already dead”, Arthur thought to himself. “I’d have liked to stab her in the face myself.” The thought of Mindy screaming in agony and squirming as he repeatedly stabbed her in the face; the sight of crimson blood pouring out of her wounds like water from a tap eased the angry monster in his chest. He’d scratch her beady eyes out, one by one, and feed them to her. Yes, it was a mighty shame Mindy Farmer was dead.

One dead woman would not calm his hunger for evil, however, and so a plot to take over the world was hatched between Arthur and Martha.

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