Chapter 3: Two of a Kind


The morning following her date with Tim, Martha prepared herself to farewell her twin. Arthur had been accepted into college in Scotland and the two would not see each other for months. She was not too glum however, the prospect of moving out with Tim had her feeling optimistic about the future.

As Martha shoved the last of her things into her faded purple duffel, she heard Krystal calling her name from the kitchen.

“Coming mum”, she called absent-mindedly. She wandered into the kitchen and grabbed a slice of crisp, freshly-buttered toast.

Krystal sighed as she watched her grown-up daughter chew down her breakfast. She would miss her twins, yes, but after more than two decades she was more than ready to have the house to herself!

“Martha, honey”, she began slowly, knowing her daughter would not like what was coming.

“Mmpphgg”, replied Martha nonchalantly between mouthfuls.

“You aren’t going to like this, but Sonya needs a place to stay and – ”

“Mum, NO! Tim and I are moving out together, there’s no way in hell Sonya will be joining us!” Martha fumed.

“Honey, she has nowhere else to go. She is part of our family now. She isn’t your replacement”, Krystal added hastily when she saw Martha’s mouth begin to open in a fiery rage. “She needs us, you two could become like sisters in time, you need to give her a chance”.


Screenshot-25“Thanks for being so understanding”, said Martha as she squeezed Tim.

“Hey, I get it, she’s family now”, he grinned as she rolled her eyes.

“She’ll be over at noon with her things, mum said”, Martha told him.

Later that afternoon there was a knock at the door. Tim opened it and welcomed their new housemate into the living room.

“What the hell?” screamed Martha.

Screenshot-21Sonya strode towards Martha confidently, tossing back her brunette curls that so resembled those of the woman standing across from her.

“What’s the fucking go?” yelled Martha.

“Martha – “, began Tim.

“No!” screamed Martha. “Why did you dye your hair to look just like mine? You even cut it! What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m ever so sorry I offended you, Martha”, began Sonya sweetly. “I just admired your hair so much yesterday, I got mine done just like it this morning. I didn’t think you would mind, I thought it would make us more like sisters, you know?” She smiled convincingly.

“It is a lovely colour on both of you”, smiled Tim, putting an arm around each girl. “I’m sure Martha agrees it suits you?” he said, glancing sternly at his girlfriend.

“Yeah, it looks sensational”, Martha slammed sarcastically before she stomped out of the room to unpack.


“I’m sorry for the way Martha spoke to you”, said Tim sincerely. “It’s been quite a shock for her, you know”.

“Oh, I understand completely” smiled Sonya. She kissed him on the cheek and sashayed out of the room.

If Tim hadn’t been too busy worrying about how difficult life would be living with two fighting women, he might have noticed the sadistic grin that spread across Sonya’s face immediately before she left the room, and he might have found reason to worry. As it happened however, Tim did not notice, and instead he silently made it his mission to bring these girls closer.

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