Chapter 4: The Doppelganger

Tim sighed when he heard the commotion. He couldn’t understand why Sonya kept doing this to Martha. The irony was that the two women looked very alike, despite not being family. On the other hand, what had happened to Martha? She had been so sweet, so timid when they’d first met. Heck, even a week ago she’d been mild tempered. He watched his girlfriend stomp outside and his stomach turned a little at the sinister grin which formed on Sonya’s face. He walked towards her carelessly but she did not notice.

“Martha Farmer. I am Martha Farmer”, she sung to herself with all the joy of a child at Christmas. She too skipped out of the room, leaving Tim to his own thoughts.

‘If she doesn’t retract her bloody claws soon, I’ll have to cage the bitch’, he joked to himself. He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out the diamond ring he’d purchased the week before. He always planned to propose to Martha on their first morning living in their new house.


Martha was ecstatic when Tim kneeled before her in their new yard and asked her to be with him forever. All the bitterness of the morning was forgotten, even more so that same evening, when Martha discovered she was pregnant.


Tim was ecstatic, and the two planned to move the wedding closer. Sonya was also oddly gleeful. An odd dazed look came over her glassy eyes as she congratulated the couple.

“I’d like a baby”, Sonya mumbled inaudibly.

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