Game Review: Sims 3 Pets Expansion


I grew up playing the Sims 2 Pets on my brothers PlayStation 2 so I was keen as beans to download the Sims 3 PC adaptation – and I wasn’t disappointed. Gone are the days of cats or dogs, now you can get horses! That was the biggest excitement for me. It changes the realm of the game completely. You can build stables, build farms, train and ride horses, compete in tournaments, race, jump, breed – the possibilities are just about endless. And, just like human Sims, the horses (and cats and dogs) are given traits at creation, so you can choose whether they are intelligent, untrained, hate jumping etc.

I like how you can control the animals in this game. In the Sims 2 version, you could not. Now you can control your cats, dogs and horses, which is pretty cool. Children can interact with them as well.


This is a screenshot from my game of Mindy’s great-granddaughter, Adele, and her father Arthur, playing with their puppy.

As well as merely the pets, this expansion comes with a whole range of new furniture, clothes and opportunities. Definitely up there with my favourites!


I’d love to hear what you thought of this expansion, use the poll below!

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  1. I just got pets and I am enjoying them very much so far 🙂

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