Game Review: Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval, although one of the earlier games, is a really great one. It’s a base game, which means it cannot be used as an expansion, nor as an expansion to other base games. It’s not a free play game, unlike most Sims games. You begin as a monarch and complete tasks to unlock new levels, challenges and characters. It probably falls into the strategic gaming category.

The whole world is built cleverly; it’s just like stepping into medieval England. Everything from the social rankings to the docks, old-school markets and relations with neighbouring counties plays a role in this society.

It features a sick wardrobe for each character’s ranking and you can edit the furnishings, decorations¬†and colouring of buildings, but you cannot edit or build the structures themselves, which kind of blows. If you get bored playing your standard Sims game, this could be the game for you. It follows a constant storyline. Although it doesn’t allow for much free time, you can ignite love affairs and have children on the side, but it is more rewarding to throw yourself completely into the tasks at hand.

Let me know what you thought of this game!

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