Game Review: Sims 3 Showtime

The Sims3 Showtime introduces a lot to the game. Instead of a career, your Sim can become a freelance artist; they can sing, dance or become a musician, acrobat or DJ. Jobs come regularly sort of like opportunities. It does take time to work your way up, however. I tried to make Sonya a singer, but it’s taking so long!

You start out performing telegrams for other Sims when they’re sad, celebrating or in love. It’s kind of funny the first time your Sim changes into a red soldier get up, but it gets kind of old. Why can’t she be Kylie Minogue already tbh??? Below is an image of my Sim, Sonya.

There’s more to this game than careers, though. There’s awesome new hair styles and fashion, if that’s what you’re into. There’s also new traits. I love the diva one in particular, it allows for some interesting personalities, that’s for sure!

It’s actually a pretty decent mix of new items, new Sims, new careers, new destinations and new social interactions. I give it a solid rating.



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