How Mindy’s Twitterbot Booted me off the Internet

Disclaimer: heavy language alert ’cause I’m fucking frustrated with myself tbh fam


Coding ain’t my strong point, but after seeing some sweet AB sources shared on the DIGC202 Subreddit, I decided that creating a Twitterbot could be really fun. A Twitterbot is basically a piece of code which sends out automated data by itself; it Tweets regularly without me having to press a button.

I used an open-source piece of code I found online and, in the true spirit of Mindy, attempted to make it pretty fucked up. My idea was to create this bot as “Mindy’s Ghost”; to continue causing havoc and beastin’ even after her death in season 1. I seriously can’t remember what I added to the code (something along the lines of death and children) but it was savage af.


Because, if your bot is as fucked up as Mindy’s was, Twitter will shut it down after like ten hours. And you will lose the ability to post on the account you have spent almost a year building a following for, for your digital artefact. And let me tell you, that sucks ass.


I’ll admit this now, I had no idea how this bot would act, or if it would even work. But it did. So far as I know, it only made one tweet before it was shut down. Maybe there was more, I don’t know.

death-tweet I don’t know who this guy is, I don’t follow him or anything, but David, if you ever read this I’m sorry :(.

death-threatAt least he has a sense of humour? I guess there are worse ways to die than dysentery.


@simmindyfarmer is now suspended. If you want join all two of my amazing followers, you can now reach me at @simmindy1.

~ Keep it real ~

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2 Responses to How Mindy’s Twitterbot Booted me off the Internet

  1. Jess says:

    omg that sucks, but it also sounds really cool.

    Are you going to try again with a new account or is this the end of Mindy? I think it would’ve been cool to include more images of the content you were creating first and also to see if the bot was the same?

    Because if you were manually posting the same thing- you wouldn’t be suspended! So I think it’s interesting that a bot would be shut down.

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    • claire says:

      I have another account at the moment, until the other gets restored!! @simmindy1 if you’re interested 🙂
      I agree though; that’s why I think bloody Mindy must’ve said more which was blocked before I could notice lol


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