Chapter 8: Welcome to St Casper’s Sanatorium

screenshot-6St Casper’s sanatorium for the neurologically impaired was run by a cold, heartless woman named Tiana. Dressed in dark grey with a collar buttoned all the way to her neck and her bun fastened tightly behind her head, Tiana ran the asylum like a prison.

screenshot-3Martha was given a dark cell at the end of the main corridor; with a bed and toilet but no windows. Upon her arrival, she was given an old medical gown to wear. She was one of four patients, sharing with Bostram, a resident who had been imprisoned for political unrest due to spreading word that ‘we are all sims’, Daisy, an older woman who muttered to herself but refused to talk to anyone, and Barney, a teenager whom was kept in a straight jacket.

All contact was cut off from her family and friends, but as Martha reasoned to herself, they believed she was a nutty psycho anyway.

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