Chapter 10: A Mole in the Family?

5 Year Time Jump

Four and a half years after the unfortunate death of their mother, Martha, teenagers Ryan and Caleb were living with Sonya, whom had legally adopted them, and their Uncle Arthur, whom had resigned from his job overseas when Martha had been locked away. Although saddened by Martha’s death, the family reasoned that maybe it was for the best; she was just too dangerous.

This view was particularly reinforced by Sonya to the boys. She had become their main guardian since Arthur had started a relationship with Elizabeth, one of the police officers whom had rescued the boys on that fateful evening. There had been no funeral for Martha; Sonya strongly felt that the family should stay away from painful memories.


The Farmer family, albeit Sonya, had no idea what secret Sonya was hiding. They saw her to be the loving woman who had selflessly raised Martha’s sons, and knew nothing of her plot to remove Martha from the household. That was, until one fateful night in which Caleb overheard Sonya talking in her sleep …

Ryan was absolutely devastated by Caleb’s death. Of course it was framed as an unfortunate accident. Even Arthur was convinced that Caleb’s death was accidental; oblivious to the murderer who slept in his own house.

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