Chapter 11: Everyone is a Victim

Ryan struggled without Caleb. Each day was excruciating, each night was unliveable. Oddly enough, Sonya was sympathetic to his pain. She told him of her own father, who died from a heroin overdose when she was ten.

“One day you’ll wake up, and it’ll hurt a tiny bit less than it did the day before”, she spoke to him softly. “That’s when you know you’re starting to heal.”


 On that same day, Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant. Arthur was delighted; anything to take their minds off Caleb’s accident. The Farmers could barely contain their excitement.


Arthur proposed to her on the spot and the two held their private, shotgun wedding that very same day, on the beach where they had their first date.



When baby Adele was born, some three days later, the family was ecstatic. Mindy’s first great-grandchild was destined for, uh, interesting times.


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