Chapter 15: A Visitor from the Grave


Early one morning, a chunky envelope was placed inside the Farmers’ letterbox by an unassuming postman. Before Arthur could walk out the door to retrieve it, Sonya, as had become her routine practice, snuck out of the back door, sprinted down the driveway and seized the family’s mail. Seeing the letter from Martha, she screamed in fury and threw the parchment straight in the fire. There would be no contact between Martha and the Farmers, that was for sure.

The rest of the family was oblivious to this new development. Although still deeply saddened by Caleb’s death, Ryan was learning to move ahead. Elizabeth and Arthur were focused on raising their daughter, and the family was reasonably happy. Adele was a talkative toddler whom had formed a close relationship with the family dog, Baxter.


 Their blissful ignorance disappeared one night, however. Sonya had left the house to see the Dami Sim concert in the city, leaving Elizabeth, Arthur, Ryan and Adele alone. It was a dark, gloomy evening, and the dense grey clouds hovered over the full moon like a sheer scarf. Baby Adele had been placed in her crib. The ghost of Caleb Farmer drifted towards Elizabeth and Arthur.


“Oh my God!” screamed Elizabeth.

“Shh”, admonished Caleb. “I don’t have much time here, Sonya will be back soon”.

Arthur appeared bemused. “And that would be a problem because . . . ?”

Caleb looked him darkly in the eyes, his blue, translucent figure sparkling against the maroon backdrop of the room. “It’s her, Uncle Arthur. It’s always been her”.

“What do you mean, Caleb?” asked Arthur sharply.


“I was right all along. She framed mum! Mum was innocent, she sent her to that madhouse and paid off the head nun to fake her death!”

“W- what?” breathed Arthur.


“Mum is alive, she escaped the asylum with her boyfriend a few months ago when she realised what the asylum and Sonya had done. She’s hiding underground with her new children. She tried to write to you, but Sonya intercepted it!”

“Christ” muttered Elizabeth.

“She’s coming, I have to leave!” cried Caleb as he began to float away. “One more thing you should know, my drowning, it was no accident . . . ” and with that he disappeared into the night.

Just as Caleb disappeared, Ryan walked into the room. He was devastated to have missed his brother and furious to discover he had been murdered by Sonya.


“I’ll finish her! I’ll FUCKING END HER!” yelled Ryan, hot tears streaming down his face.

“Ryan”, began Arthur gently. “As soon as she realises what we know, all of us are dead.”


Elizabeth took Arthur’s arm and looked at Ryan.

“Your Uncle is right, sweetheart”, she began. “The best thing we can do now is sit tight, act normal and pretend we know nothing. In the meantime, we will begin to secretly track down your mother. After all, you have two new siblings!”


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