Chapter 16: Acting Normal

screenshot-47 Trying to act like nothing was wrong proved extremely difficult for the family, though Sonya suspected nothing (at least for now). Leaving Adele in Ryan’s care, Elizabeth and Arthur attempted to distract themselves by taking a romantic trip to the beach.

Whilst the two enjoyed their afternoon, it ultimately ended in a bedroom spree which left Elizabeth pregnant with their second child, resulting in even more stress for the couple.



Elizabeth and Arthur weren’t the only lovebirds in the household, however. Ryan had been spending more and more time out, and was acting rather furtive about it. When badgered and jested at by the family, he finally admitted he was seeing someone.

“I can’t wait to meet his girl”, Arthur said to Elizabeth, excitedly. Ryan overheard, and walked away quickly. He knew deep down that his family would never approve of Kevin, but he knew also, that was not enough to keep them apart.


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