Chapter 17: Facing Reality

As Sophie and Zachary grew older, Martha and Bostram realised that despite their circumstances, it was unfair to raise their children underground. Thus they made the decision to move to the next county, to a piece of land they could take their horses and raise their children safely. They left in the dead of night, so as to not raise suspicion or be noticed.

Because their new land was vast and their house luxuriously large, they hired a young woman to act as the help. Trained as a stable hand, Brandy Shandy was strong, and a keen worker. She adored the horses and soon became firm friends with each member of the family. The children grew to adore her, and Bostram in particular formed a firm friendship with the stable girl.


 Meanwhile, back at the Farmer house, Ryan was preparing to introduce his boyfriend, Kevin, to the rest of the family. As soon as Arthur walked to the dinner table and realised the ‘girl’ Ryan had brought home to meet the family was in fact a dude, he stood up from his chair and walked away from the table.



Kevin stood up awkwardly. “I should really go”, he said to Ryan awkwardly. Ryan looked upset.

“It’s fine you can stay!” he exclaimed, grabbing Kevin’s hand.

Kevin pushed him away and walked out of the house.


“What the fuck was that? You fucking homophobic twat” screamed Ryan, storming towards Arthur.


Arthur snarled at him, uncharacteristically furious.

“You don’t get to talk to me like that in my house, and you don’t get to bring a man here and dishonour the family name!”


“What? Dishonour the family fucking name?” spluttered Ryan. “You don’t think it was dishonoured when Great-Grandma Mindy murdered like ten of her children? Or when Dad killed himself? Or when Mum was carted off to a fucking psych ward?”

Arthur looked at his nephew for a moment.

“I want you out of this house, Ryan, by morning”.

Ryan turned away to pack his things. Elizabeth rushed towards him.


“Ryan, your uncle doesn’t mean those things, I want you to stay”, she said tearfully.

“No way!” shouted Ryan, still furious. He softened when his Aunt began to cry.

“Look, my loyalty is with Kevin now, I’d like to have it all but I can’t. Uncle Arthur’s behaviour was unacceptable. I’ll write to you soon.”

With that, Ryan grabbed his suitcase, hailed a taxi and left Pleasantview, Kevin by his side.

Arthur remained outside as this happened. He looked over the ocean sadly. What a life this had turned out to be.


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